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This page has  overview information on my In-field Workshops. My philosophy is to make sure you learn while getting great shots along the way.  Please make sure that we have spoken or emailed each other prior to hitting “Buy”.  As we embark on this education adventure, take some time and reflect on what your goals are as a photographer. What type of photography are you interested in and what creative style reflects you the best?


* Before going out, we will decide on location(s) together.

* Click here for a list of potential ideas.

* We will meet at a predetermined spot and rendezvous together in one car.

* Be aware of the current weather, and it’s always good to bring layers and good shoes.


* Photography Basics (ISO, Shutter Speed, Aperture, White Balance, etc)

* Overview of best lenses and gear for Landscape photography

* Tips for better composition

* Focus Stacking and maximizing depth of field

* Bracketing and multi exposure blending

* Graduated & Solid Neutral Density Filters

* Blurring water and skies with long exposures

* Building Panoramic images

* Dealing with Sun Flare

* Understanding Light (Golden Hour, Blue Hour, Sunrise and Sunset)

* Using lens compression to your advantage

* Removing and adding the human element into your images

* Polarizers​

* Bracketing and multiple exposure blending

Recommended Equipment



Any Camera





Shutter Release/Remote

Neutral Density Filter

Refund Policy

There will be no refunds after signing up If for any reason the class is canceled Earthquake, Act of God then you can use your spot for another date or you will have the option for a refund.

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