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Do you ever wonder how professional photographers get their incredible images?

Do you want to take your images from good to GREAT?

Are you overwhelmed by complicated photo editing software tools?

Post processing cannot make a bad picture good, but with an understanding and correct application of the powerful tools available in Adobe Photoshop or Lightroom you can reveal the full potential of your images and make them stand out!

This 2.5 hour practical workshop will help you to establish a post processing workflow and prepare your images for print or screen. Using Lightroom & Adobe Photoshop you will develop a technical understanding of the process and techniques that professional photographers use. Whether you want to make your images truly reflect what you saw with your own eyes, or whether you want to establish your own style and create a unique look, this workshop will help you raise your quality and unleash your creativity.




Nik Tools


* Essential Edits

* Color Correction 

* Creative Color Adjustments - Tints, Overlays, Presets

* Exposure Correction

* Photoshop Nondestructive Editing

* Straightening, Correcting Perspective and Lens Corrections

* Extractions, Layers, Blending Modes

* Basic object removal, painting, and cloning

* Preparing images for printing or upload to web

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