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  • Navajo Dreams

    (Antelope Canyon, Arizona) Antelope Canyon in Arizona is delightfully photogenic and some of the most beautiful carved sandstone you will ever see. I love the way the subtle lines and elegant erosion look in black and white. These rock shapes have stories to tell.

  • The secret life of trees

    (Marin County) When trees are bare with no leaves they reveal their structures and show a sort of wisdom. To get this photograph I had to stand in a pond (in Nacasio, Marin County) so the reflection would be more accentuated. Something about this photography just feels right to me.

  • My Love

    (Oregon Coast)

  • Jungle Vibes


  • Secret Obsessions

    (San Francisco)

  • Shipwreck love

    (Inverness, California) I have been fascinated with looking at the world from different perspectives and timeframes (speeded up or slowed down). The stars and the earth are constantly moving and I wanted to show this in a timelapse night shot. The boat was illuminated with a red led flashlight. I made this image as a black and white and kept the boat in red.

  • Freedom

    (Camargue, France)

  • Dawn Patrol

    (Windsor, California)

  • Isolation

    (Death Valley) The white sand dunes of Death Valley provide endless opportunities to find scenes that speak of isolation and stillness. The lines, light and delicate sand patterns interplay and are soothing to look at. It reminds me that nature has many moods.

  • Meditations

    (San Francisco)

  • Geometric Sophistication

    (San Francisco) The Embarcadero Center in San Francisco has elegance and many subtle architectural features that you don’t often see in a west coast city. Using my wide angle lens I tried to embrace as much of the symmetry and flowing lines as I looked down this stairwell.

  • Faint Traces

    (Mount Tamalpias)

  • sensuality


  • Untouched

    (Death Valley)

  • Sausalito Sublime


  • Always On

    (San Francisco)

  • Counterpoint

    (San Francisco)

  • Bridge Perfection

    (San Francisco)

  • Hidden Messages

    (San Francisco)

  • Midnight Moonlight

    (Mendocino County) After the storms the creeks up in Sea Ranch California are overflowing and running off toward the ocean. This creek and pond I found in a redwood area I decided to see it when the moonlight is out . . . very magical and serene.

  • We are the river

    (San Francisco) This image is the first in (hopefully) an entire series that I want to do around people commuting to and from work. This was taken outside the ferry building in San Francisco and I wanted to show how people have a flow and pulsate through streets and walkways. Many years ago I was inspired by Ron Frick films like “Koyaanisqatsi” where people flow like blood through veins.

  • The Soul of Nowhere

    (Taos, New Mexico) New Mexico has powerful energy but it also feels like you are in a place of nowhere. The spanish church, “Rancho de Taos” feels like the capital of this nowhere. I had come to this mission a few times but finally got lucky when a storm came and this is what the sky looked like when the storm was clearing.

  • Deliciously Lost

    (Marin County) I have been fascinated by the idea of being lost - but not in a tramatic way. Rather When you are happy to be lost because you are just where you want to be. Marin county has beautifully shaped hills and many “lone trees” like this. This image romances the curves and has a beckoning feeling.

  • SF Noir

    (San Francisco) Something about San Francisco retains its vintage and early looks, when it’s photographed a certain way. It has timeless qualities which can conjure up visions of film noir with its lines and shapes; the beautiful mystery of what you see and don’t see is what’s lurking in the shadows.

  • Details

    (Colorado) I wanted to capture the delicate structure of a dense aspen grove and a sense of it’s depth, details and immersive feel. I had this image in my head, but it’s actually much harder to photograph then I thought it would be. I eventually learned that with my long lens I could get far back from the forest and the lens would compress everything together.

  • Show me a sign

    (Bodie Ghost Town)

  • Gotham Sleeps

    (San Francisco)

  • Hitchcock Mood

    (Bodega, California) In Bodega Bay California you can visit many of the scenes that are now infamous from Alfred Hitchcock’s “The Birds”. I want to capture something that would be haunting in the Hitchcock style.

  • Souls in Flight

    (New Mexico)

  • I had a strange dream last night and you were in it

    (San Francisco) Taken at Pier 39 in San Francisco this common scene was made to look dramatic and dream-like simply by using a long exposure and making it a black and white with only one subject in color. If you look closely you can see the merry-go-round worker dozing off (left) and also a magician on stage entertaining a crowd (right). Somehow this image made me think of being in France in another time period.

  • Spectrums of Solitude

    (Point Reyes)

  • Land of OZ

    (San Francisco)

  • Letting Go!

    (San Mateo County) Walking around Alameda County Fair looking for something that would move me I became fascinated by the silhouettes of people against the beautiful cloudy sky. I became obsessed over the timing of getting the shot just when people were in full flight and framing the image so I could get the entire group in one shot.

  • A Whisper


  • Essence


  • Middle Earth

    (Mendocino Coastline)

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Orders are shipped via regular USPS First Class Mail or UPS Ground shipping. The shipping method is determined by size, location and weight. International orders are welcome. For large or custom sized prints, they may need to have special care with crates. They may also need to be shipped through a trucking company. I will always let you know the details if this is the case during a requested quote.

Payment Methods:

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All prints are processed as Metal Prints which are my favorite. Metal prints are images infused into the aluminum surface and are the most popular prints I sell. The images take on a gorgeous luminescence, show great detail and are durable. The ultra-hard scratch-resistant surface is waterproof/weatherproof and can be cleaned easily. It’s best to avoid direct sunlight. They come with a float mount hanger that floats the print 1/2-inch off the wall when hung. These prints are beautiful and will last you a lifetime!


Below are the "approximate" prices for my photography based on width dimensions. Actual prices will be determined once a print is selected and a size (height and width) is given in the online purchasing process.

Width 16" - $550

Width 20" - $600

Width 30" - $750

Width 40" - $950

Width 50" - $1,100

Width 60" - $1,400

Width 70" - $1,700

Width 80" - $1,900

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