Mike Moir

“Photographers look with their eyes, but see with their hearts”

I am a Landscape Fine Art Photographer who lives in Marin County.  I see photography as a form of meditation on the world.  I practice creative themes that draw on minimalism, Japanese ascetics, modern impressionism and transcendentalism.  I believe that beauty is all around us and it just takes awareness to appreciate its ever changing and surprising moods.  I like to think that sometimes the camera allows you to see things in ways that can conjure up greater truths about our world. Ultimately, my work is a quest to reconnect people with our mystical earth and its sonic harmonies. In short, I strive to create photographs that I love.

I have shown my work in Galleries and Art Festivals all around the San Francisco Bay Area. I have been featured in Outdoor Photography Magazine, USA Today, Marin Magazine and the book “San Francisco on Instagram”.   

If you would like assistance selecting prints, or have any custom requests, feel free to contact me.

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