About Mike

"Sometimes the camera allows you to see things in ways that conjure up greater truths about our world"

Mike Moir is an award winning photographer and artist and makes his home in the laid back town of Mill Valley, California.

Mike has always been fascinated by visual imagery and the power of the camera to capture infinite possibilities and stories. He believes that beauty is all around us and it just takes awareness to appreciate its ever changing and surprising moods.

Mike has been endlessly inspired by the process of photography, filmmaking and storytelling.

Dreamscape Photography

Recently, I have been studying creative themes that draw on minimalism, japanese traditions, modern impressionism and transcendence qualities. Ultimately, my aim is to use photography as a medium for expressing higher levels of consciousness and awareness. To be a force for enlightenment and positivity. The style that I strive for I call Dreamscape Photograpy.

Mike has been featured in USA Today, NBC Bay Area, ABC News, Where San Francisco Magazine and at the Sausalito Arts Festival. He has published a book called Between Dreams and Reality.

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