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  • Pacific Blue


  • Forgotten Pier

    (Bandon Oregon) Hidden along the coast of Bandon Oregon is an old fishing pier. This place has a special feeling, part haunting / part soothing. I used a long exposure to make the water look like glass. I believe there are stories reverberating around these wood pilings.

  • Moments of Grace

    (Coit Tower, San Francisco) This view of North Beach is unique and has not been photographed by many photographers as it requires special access to viewing areas usually restricted. On this night the Golden State Warriors were in a playoff game and I could hear crowds cheering from the bars below. I like the details in neighborhood and streets and the way Coit Tower stands with such grace.

  • Lavender Swirl

    (Valensole, France)

  • The woman from upstairs

    (Chefchaouen, Morocco) While photographing mysterious small towns in Morocco a woman walked into my frame. I was actually waiting for someone to enter the end of the hall but she was a nice surprise. Something about her, and the purple and blue color combination is gripping..

  • Stranded

    (Bodega Bay) Along the Sonoma coastline a fishing boat was stranded. It must've lost control and drifted ashore. When I first discovered this I found it to be full of story and mystery. Luckily it took weeks for crews to finally rescue this boat - as it allowed me to go there on a perfect day when a storm was clearing. Using long exposure techniques I was able to blur and smooth the sky and water into a painterly-type effect.

  • Jewels from the Sea

    (Diamond Beach, Iceland)

  • We're not in Kansas anymore!

    (Death Valley) Etched into an alluvial plain flooding out from the Black Mountains, this incredible rainbow of colour spans a soft, pastel spectrum ranging from pinks to blues to green. It was formed when volcanic rocks deep underground interacted with hydrothermal systems to form concentrated mineral deposits. Erosion and chemical weathering revealed and reworked the rocks, and the oxidation of different metals created the subtly striking hillside. Iron-rich hematite produce the reds and pinks, yellows and golds seep from various iron oxides, volcanic ash deposits form the greens and manganese creates the purples.

  • Stranger Things

    (Mendocino Coast)

  • Casting Spells

    (Bandon, Oregon) While shooting seascapes in Bandon Oregon, I became surrounded by rocks, colors, formations and was truly lost in a land of enchantment. The moon was making an appearance as the sunset faded and something felt very magical and witchy to me. Someone told me that this reminded them of Harry Potter style.

  • Drama at Sea Ranch

    (Sea Ranch)

  • White Angels

    (Camargue, France)

  • The Land of OZ

    (San Francisco)

  • Way of Life

    (Sea Ranch)

  • The Blue Door

    (Taos, New Mexico)

  • Love Poem


  • Ice Beach

    (Diamond Beach, Iceland)

  • Room with a view

    (Byron, California)

  • Band of Rebels

    (Camargue, France)

  • She moves in mysterious ways

    (Palouse, Oregon) The rolling farmland in Palouse Washington is magical when the light hits the hills in a subtle way. The undulating curves brings a sense of sensual motion to this enchanted landscape.

  • In a mood

    (Marin County) The delicate and soft nature of fog embraces the trees along the Northern California coast as it creates an enchanted mood. I like how the composition draws you in and disappears into mystery.

  • The Battle

    (Camargue, France)

  • Breathe In Breathe Out

    (Bandon Oregon) Along the Oregon Coast you can find yourself alone with the soul of the ocean. The rocks and reflections conjure up the feeling of a painting - one which you are walking around in. Sometimes you have to just stop and breathe in and breathe out to take in the moment.

  • Silence is golden

    (China Camp)

  • Nature's Poetry

    (Sea Ranch) Many times simplicity says more than a complex image. The beautiful grasses of Mendocino Country with a soft out of focus ocean-sky backdrop creates the California summer palette perfectly.

  • Dream Geisha


  • Perpetual Grace

    (Mount Tamalpias)

  • The Theory of Everything

    (China Camp) Early morning sunrise at China Camp in Marin County has a powerful effect on me. You can feel the silence and serene qualities where a boat pier once stood. A very long exposure creates this dreamlike quality.

  • Desert Solitaire

    (Eastern Sierras, California) One of the most powerful photography experiences of my life involved tracking a hidden Petroglyph deep in the Eastern Sierras. After an epic trekking adventure I found this Native American artwork and decided to stay into nightfall and photography the special rock under the stars. This was all done with deep respect and professional care as I photographed this precious site. I love how this image has two contrasting and complementary parts - one for a human record of our past and one that conveys our infinite universe of possibilities.

  • The Eloquence of Stone

    (Antelope Canyon, Arizona)

  • Passing storm


  • The Serene Sublime

    (Lake Mono)

  • Morning Jog


  • Alone time


  • Feels Just Right

    (Mount Tamalpias) Sometimes all the elements come together as if guided by some divine force. Standing on Mount Tamalpais watching the sunset as the fog came in and crept over the hillsides. The “after sunset” colors exploding in the sky creates a beautiful light source to illuminate the dreamy fog textures. This image conveys what it felt like to witness this magical scene.

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All prints are processed as Metal Prints which are my favorite. Metal prints are images infused into the aluminum surface and are the most popular prints I sell. The images take on a gorgeous luminescence, show great detail and are durable. The ultra-hard scratch-resistant surface is waterproof/weatherproof and can be cleaned easily. It’s best to avoid direct sunlight. They come with a float mount hanger that floats the print 1/2-inch off the wall when hung. These prints are beautiful and will last you a lifetime!


Below are the "approximate" prices for my photography based on width dimensions. Actual prices will be determined once a print is selected and a size (height and width) is given in the online purchasing process.

Width 16" - $550

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Width 30" - $750

Width 40" - $950

Width 50" - $1,100

Width 60" - $1,400

Width 70" - $1,700

Width 80" - $1,900

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